Birstall Petrol Station

Leicester Birstall Filling Station Top

Who would have thought that the one of the most innovative and distinctive petrol stations in the world is on the A6, in Birstall, on the outskirts of Leicester’s city centre. The garage, now owned by BP, has made the top ten list featuring the best designed gas stations in the world.Which was voted by architects of DesignCurial magazine,…… Continue reading Birstall Petrol Station

Bilstone Gibbet

In Leicestershire, along a minor road to the village of Bilstone. A little unknown piece of local history has stood for over 200 years. A Gibbet. Used only once for a rare, tragic murder in the village. Location Located along Gibbet Lane, just outside Bilstone Village. It is standing by the side of a little lay-by. It can be…… Continue reading Bilstone Gibbet

RAF Lancaster Bomber Crashes In Thurnby Lodge

Something very interesting, but also very sad happened in April 1945 on the outskirts of Leicester. A RAF Bomber (RAF Lancaster ND647) crashed and exploded in a field that would one day be one of Leicester’s suburbs, Thurnby Lodge. Lancaster Bomber training.The bomber aeroplane crashed whilst the crew was training on Sunday 8th April 1945. The Aircraft took…… Continue reading RAF Lancaster Bomber Crashes In Thurnby Lodge

Earl Shilton and Barwell, Leicester’s UFO Hotspots

Tales of unidentified flying objects have always shaken up conspiracy theorists. And the reports and stories from Leicester are no different. Interestingly most of the sightings in Leicestershire are around Hinckley; More specifically Earl Shilton and Barwell. Why these areas? What has been seen? And by whom? UFO Hotspot? There is sightings all over Leicestershire…… Continue reading Earl Shilton and Barwell, Leicester’s UFO Hotspots

The Last Man In England To Be Gibbeted, James Cook.

May 1832, in the busy town centre of Leicester, the brutal murder of John Paas took place. The killing is particularly worthy of note, not merely for the horrific circumstances which accompanied it, but the other factors surrounding the incident. Join The Leicester Chronicle as we explore the story of the last man in England to…… Continue reading The Last Man In England To Be Gibbeted, James Cook.

The Nine O’Clock Horses

Whilst most towns and cities around the UK use the tales of the bogeyman to frighten good behaviour out of their children. The parents of Leicestershire use the tale of the nine o’clock horses. The amazing thing about the story is that the nine o’clock horses actually existed. What is the Bogeyman? The bogeyman (also…… Continue reading The Nine O’Clock Horses