The Smallest Church In Leicestershire


The quaint church of St. James in Drayton is the smallest church in Leicestershire. It is also one of the only churches in the county to have been used as a bakehouse, a function it served for more than a hundred years.

The Watson family of nearby Rockingham Castle paid for its restoration as a church and it was reconsecrated in 1879.

It stands on the village green, a tiny single-cell building little more than 20 ft long and 12ft wide, serving a population of less than two hundred. Inside the church, there is a seating capacity for approximately 20 people. The church has a single exterior bell.

This miniature church was originally built as a “chapel of ease’. A place of worship for those parishioners who lived too far from their parish church. In this case, Bringhurst, just over a mile away.

St. James’ church does not have a licence for conducting marriage services. A special licence would have to be applied for before a (small) wedding could be held at the church.

The small church was listed as being Grade II on 7 December 1966.

St. James in Drayton

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The church is mentioned in the 1908 book, The Victoria History of the County of Leicester.

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