Kenwood Lido in Knighton, Leicester – Closed in the 1970’s


Opened in the summer of 1934, the outdoor lido in Leicester was the summertime haunt of many of Leicester’s youngsters. With its large unheated semi circle pool, large grass area for sunbathing and a cafe for ice cream and snacks, the pool could see thousands of residents during the warm (and not so warm) seasons.

The outdoor Venue would open its doors at Easter ready for the holidays and would stay open until the winter months. Apparently the filtered pool never felt warm and was always “freezing cold”, even during the hottest summers. Which made it a popular destination to cool off.

The pool was a large semi-circle shape with the depth ranging from 3 feet up to 10 feet deep underneath the driving board. The diving board had three heights, 1 metre, 3 metres and 5 metres. There was also a 3 feet deep toddlers splash pool. There was a large floating raft in the middle of the pool for swimmers to hang off and congregate. There was also a large tiered fountain to play in.

During the summer months, the pool was a very popular place with people sunbathing on the lawns. a great way to catch up with friends and gossip. There was also the cafe that served ice cream, snakes and drinks.

Sadly, the lido was drained and closed in the early 1970s to make way for a housing development.

Have you any memories of the lido?

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