Leicester Workers Threaten To Strike If Factory Doesn’t Exorcise Ghost.


In 1973, Britella factory which was based in New Pringle Street in Leicester nearly had its workforce go on strike. The employees weren’t threatening this action due to pay or working rights, but due to a ghost. Known by the workforce as “Friendly Fred”

The factory’s employees wanted the factory to take action on removing the ghost and recruit an exorcist to remove the spectra. Or else they would down tools and walk out.

The ghost, “Friendly Fred” wasn’t actually that friendly. He apparently terrorised the floor staff. He was said to be more of a mischievous nuisance. It moved tools and turned the lights off and on. It would also grab workers who would then turn around to no one being there.

The paranormal happenings were the subject of a report broadcasts by ATV Television in January 1973.

The paranormal investigators explained that the factory that sits near Frog island is directly on a lay line. This lay line starts in Oadby and ends at Bradgate Park.

I couldn’t find any information if the factory actually hired an exorcist or if the workers even went on strike.

The Asian workforce at nearby Imperial Typewriters would go on strike a year later. This would be due to being paid less than their white colleagues.

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