I’ve Walked Down Every Street In Leicester


How long does it take to walk down Every Street in Leicester?

When Town Hall Square was laid out in 1879, the road that ran between Horsefair and Bishop Street, in the city centre, was known as Municipal Square East.

At least that’s how it was known to officialdom. Everyone else called it Every Street.

There was a cab firm here, with a sign promising to take people to every street in Leicester.

Gradually, the name stuck.

“It gave rise to that old joke: How long does it take to walk down every street in Leicester?

“About a minute, depending on how fast you walk,”

Eventually, even the bureaucrats gave up on the dull name no-one used, and Every Street was made official.

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Thomas Kirkup is an engineer in the Royal Navy. Born and raised in Leicester he is fascinated by the city's long and varied history. He also hates to discus himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.

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