Swithland Reservoir and Water Works

Swithland Reservoir and Water Works is one of Leicestershire’s hidden Victorian Gems. The Grade II listed building and water garden is hidden on private property and is nestled between the reservoir and Swithland Quarry. It is a prime example of Victorian engineering thats has spared no cost. The pump house looks to be a stately…… Continue reading Swithland Reservoir and Water Works

Birstall Petrol Station

Leicester Birstall Filling Station Top

Who would have thought that the one of the most innovative and distinctive petrol stations in the world is on the A6, in Birstall, on the outskirts of Leicester’s city centre. The garage, now owned by BP, has made the top ten list featuring the best designed gas stations in the world.Which was voted by architects of DesignCurial magazine,…… Continue reading Birstall Petrol Station

Bilstone Gibbet

In Leicestershire, along a minor road to the village of Bilstone. A little unknown piece of local history has stood for over 200 years. A Gibbet. Used only once for a rare, tragic murder in the village. Location Located along Gibbet Lane, just outside Bilstone Village. It is standing by the side of a little lay-by. It can be…… Continue reading Bilstone Gibbet

The Whipping Toms

In the United Kingdom we are lucky enough to have some very interesting traditional customs. And the county of Leicestershire has its fair share. Ranging from Bottle-Kicking (a very large maul between two rival villages over a cask of ale) to holding an annual service in celebrating the arrival of the Bluebells in Swithland Woods.…… Continue reading The Whipping Toms