The Oak And Ash Tree, Earl Shilton


In an uncultivated field north of Earl Shilton, there is a very special tree. It is in fact two trees, Oak & Ash, that have bonded together, making one.

Scraptoft Witches Cave

Witches cave

In a small woods on the east side of Leicester lays an unusual small building. Legend says it’s home to a witch. The Leicester Chronicle explores further.

Butt Close Lane

About half way down one of the city’s oldest streets, Churchgate; You will come across a very oddly named street, Butt Close Lane.

The Ghost Of Polly Peggs.

A ghostly figure of a woman with a long veil dancing on the field, with small trees in the background and a cloudy sky.

Polly was made stand in full view of the congregation during a Sunday service whilst wearing a white sheet and holding a burning candle in one hand with the bible in the other.