The Nine O’Clock Horses

Whilst most towns and cities around the UK use the tales of the bogeyman to frighten good behaviour out of their children. The parents of Leicestershire use the tale of the nine o’clock horses. The amazing thing about the story is that the nine o’clock horses actually existed. What is the Bogeyman? The bogeyman (also…… Continue reading The Nine O’Clock Horses

The Jaywalking Nun Of Shady Lane, Leicester

The Oxford Dictionary defines a jaywalker as a person who crosses or walks in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic. Imagine you are driving your car along a very quiet, country road. When all of a sudden a figure appears immediately in front of your car. Without hesitation, you would…… Continue reading The Jaywalking Nun Of Shady Lane, Leicester

The Whipping Toms

In the United Kingdom we are lucky enough to have some very interesting traditional customs. And the county of Leicestershire has its fair share. Ranging from Bottle-Kicking (a very large maul between two rival villages over a cask of ale) to holding an annual service in celebrating the arrival of the Bluebells in Swithland Woods.…… Continue reading The Whipping Toms