Are You A Fan Of Leicester’s Brutalist Architecture? Here Are Five Examples To Help You Decide.

Attenborough Building. The University of Leicester, the giant “cheese grater”.

Another one of the University of Leicester’s Buildings. Maybe has something to do with the University expanding during the 1960s.

There are a lot of landmarks in Leicester named “Attenborough”. These other buildings are mostly named after the famous brothers, who grew up in Leicester. However, this building is named after an old principle of the University, Frederick Attenborough.

The most interesting part of the building is that until very recently it had a paternoster lift. More information can be found about these unique lifts in the following short video:

The building is constructed with a concrete frame, cast in-situ, and clad with pre-cast concrete panels. The slanting aluminium-framed windows protrude outwards at the bottom to aid draught-free ventilation throughout the year.

So what do you think of Leicester’s Brutalist buildings?

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